Search Engine Optimization – Rank On The First Page Of Google

Matt Cutts from Google talking about RankingGetting a website up is only the first step in enhancing your presence online.  If no one ever takes a look at it, it will do you no good.  Getting traffic to your site is important if you want to start generating cash from it.  One of the best ways of increasing traffic to your site without spending money on paid ads is search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of modifying your site in an attempt to get the major search engines to rank it higher for search key terms.  Typically much time is spent researching the optimal terms to rank for.  The idea is to find search terms that people would type in while looking for goods or services that you might be selling at your site.  In this manner, you can drive highly targeted traffic to your site.

Once a good set of targeted keywords are identified, a website’s content is modified to make sure those keywords appear at optimal densities.  Back in the early days of SEO, one used to be able to use the same words over and over to artificially improve the search engine ranking for that content.  As you might imagine, these articles did not look natural to human viewers and reduced the quality of Google’s search results.  Now Google extracts a heavy penalty on sites that try to overstuff keywords into an article.  As a result, any attempt at SEO on your site should make sparing use of each keyword, so it appears naturally.  The use of semantically related terms can be used to help improve the content’s relevance without triggering Google penalties.

An important part of SEO is marketing your website on other sites across the internet.  Since there are tons of web pages that might be topical for a certain keyword, Google uses the concept of page authority to help sort out the rankings for a given keyword.  The general idea is that better sources of content will have more incoming links to them than poor sources of content.  Links from sites with high authority are also considered to be more important than those from sites with low authority.  By actively marketing to get links to your site included in high authority web pages, you thus increase your chances of getting a higher search engine rank for the terms you are targeting.

Many people who practice SEO keep a network of high authority sites specifically designed to give pages they are trying to rank a boost.  These are referred to as private blog networks (PBNs).  PBNs are one of the most effective ways to improve your search engine results because links can be distributed at will with whatever anchor text you want.  On the other hand, the use of PBNs to improve your search engine ranking is a violation of Google’s terms of service, so you have to be very careful that Google cannot tell you own both the PBN and the sites it is linking to.

Search engine optimization can get your site to the top of the Google rankings if properly implemented.  Consider learning more about how to put SEO to work on your site today!

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