What Is SEO? An Introduction To Search Engine Optimization

The internet offers many opportunities to enhance the marketing for your business.  One of the best ways is to use search engine marketing to target people searching for specific keywords or phrases within search engines such as Google.  One of the most effective ways of doing this is search engine optimization (SEO).

What is SEO?  It is the process of tweaking the ranking of your site in the organic search engine results.  Anyone can pay for ads to display for various keywords.  This makes this form of marketing quite competitive, and the expenses can mount up over time.  Ads are not nearly as trusted as the organic search engine results.  However, the use of SEO can force your website to the top of these valuable search engine results for important keywords.

SEO starts with what is referred to as “on-page optimization.”  This reflects all the changes you make to your website to make it look relevant for certain keywords.  The most obvious thing you can do it is to include as many related keywords as possible.  However, it must look natural so not to trigger a penalty from Google’s Panda algorithm.  It is also important to use the important keywords you want to target in tags such as title tags, header tags, and various meta tags.  These references are more important in the algorithm than normal content in the page.

You can also increase your search engine ranking based on the structure of your site.  One way is to have a clear linking structure that separates pages on different topics into clearly defined sections.  This is often referred to as “siloing” a website.  You can increase your odds of ranking by a factor of ten by building an appropriate silo for your site.  You also want to generate many internal links between the pages of your site.  This helps to pass link authority from page to page, helping to improve your overall ranking.

What is SEO Video ScreenshotIf you get confused about all this Search Engine Optimization talk, then hiring an SEO Company can be a big help

The concept of authority is particularly important to the phase of SEO known as “off page optimization.”  Google will give your site more authority if it has more links coming into it.  The idea is that the better a piece of content is, the more times other websites will reference it.  As a result, to really get your site to rank for competitive terms, you need to go out and prospectively build these links into your site, increasing its perceived authority in the Google search engine algorithm.

There are many ways to do off page optimization.  One is to use a variety of free Web 2.0 sites to post links to your site.  One problem with this strategy is that these sites often have low authority themselves, requiring you to post tons of links to get the same effect as a quality link from a high authority site.  Purchasing links or guest posting on existing high authority sites thus can get you a better rank boost for a given link.

Search engine marketing is a great way to deliver targeted traffic to your site.  SEO, in particular, can be a low-cost way to generate high-quality visitors to your site.

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